ADS-4500W Scanner desktop con rete cablata e wireless

Semplice e intuitivo, con display touchscreen per un facile utilizzo. La scelta ideale per l'uso condiviso in ufficio o a casa.

625,75 € IVA inclusa

512,91 € IVA esclusa

Scansione fino a 35 pagine al minuto

Scansione su 2 lati fino a 70 immagini al minuto e elaborazione avanzata delle immagini

Alimentatore automatico documenti (ADF) da 60 fogli

Caratteristiche del prodotto


Connettività wireless e cablata

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed e scansione diretta su host USB

Touchscreen intuitivo 7,1cm

  • Scansione fino a 35 pagine al minuto
  • Scansione su 2 lati fino a 70 immagini al minuto e elaborazione avanzata delle immagini
  • Alimentatore automatico documenti (ADF) da 60 fogli
  • Connettività wireless e cablata
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed e scansione diretta su host USB
  • Touchscreen intuitivo 7,1cm

Caratteristiche principali

Semplice e intuitivo, offre un display touchscreen di facile utilizzo combinato con le opzioni di connettività cablata e wireless. La scelta ideale per l'uso condiviso in ufficio o a casa.

  • 20 scelte rapide configurabili
  • App Mobile Connect
  • Supporta scansione AirPrint
  • Elaborazione avanzata delle immagini
  • Compatibilità dei driver con TWAIN (Win e macOS), WIA, ICA, Linux SANE



Tipo utilizzo Desktop
Pannello di controllo 4 tasti
Display Touchscreen a colori
Dimensioni display 7.1cm


Interfaccia USB SuperSpeed USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Host (Rear)
Wi-Fi Direct 802.11g/n
Interfaccia di rete cablata 10Base-T/100Base-TX
Interfaccia di rete wireless 2.4GHz: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, (Infrastructure Mode), Vertical Pairing

Dimensioni e pesi

Con cartone L 391mm x P 243mm x A 320mm
Con cartone 3.41 kg
Senza cartone L 299.5mm x P 215.9mmx A 190.5mm
Peso 2.68 kg

Consumo di energia

Power Consumption - ready mode 7.3W
Power Consumption - sleep mode 1.7W
Funzionamento 25 watt
Off 0.1 watt
Potenza audio 59 dB


Umidità di funzionamento 20 - 80%
Temperatura di funzionamento 5 - 35°C

Nella confezione

Altro MACCHINA ADS, ADF removibile. Cavo di alimentazione. Adattatore CA Cavo USB. Guida di installazione rapida. Guida di sicurezza prodotto. Garanzia

Specifiche supporto di stampa

Tipi e dimensioni Plain Paper, Thin Paper, Thick Paper, Recycled Paper, Business Card, Plastic Card
Pesi 40 - 200 gsm


IPv4 DHCP, APIPA (Auto IP), WINS/NetBIOS, DNS Resolver, mDNS, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, ICMP, Web Services(Scan), HTTP/HTTPS server, LLMNR responder, SNTP Client, LDAP
IPv4 RA, DNS Resolver, mDNS, LLMNR responder, Web Services(Scan), SNTP Client, HTTP/HTTPS server, ICMPv6
Protezione rete cablata SMTP-AUTH, SSL/TLS (HTTPS, SMTP), SNMP v3, 802.1x (EAP-MD5, EAP-FAST, PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS)
Sicurezza della rete wireless SMTP-AUTH, TLS, SSL(HTTPS, SMTP), WEP 64/128 bit, WPA-PSK (TKIP/AES), WPA2-PSK (AES), WPA3
Supporto configurazione wireless

Sistemi operativi e software

Fornito dal software - Mac 10.14.x/10.15.x/11.0.x/11.1.x. Brother iPrint&Scan for Desktop, Remote Setup. AirPrint Scan, TWAIN. Newsoft Presto! Bizcard 7, Newsoft Image Folio
Fornito dal software - Windows Windows 10 (Home|Pro|Education|Enterprise)(32 or 64 bit editions), Windows 8.1(32 or 64 bit editions), Windows 7 SP1 (32 or 64 bit editions), Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012R2, 2012. Brother iPrint&Scan for Desktop, Kofax PaperPort, Kofax Power PDF Standard v3, Remote Setup, Brother ScanEssentials Lite. TWAIN, WIA. Newsoft Presto! Bizcard 6, Newsoft Image Folio. BRAdmin Light, Brother BRAdmin Professional 4


Scansione fronte/retro
Velocità di scansione A4 35 pagine per minuto
ADF 60
Scansione su PC, Image, Network (SMB), Email Server, Workflow, FTP/SFTP
Scala di grigi 256 levels
Risoluzione di scansione interpolata 1200 x 1200 dpi
Sensore carta
Compatibilità SANE Si
Funzioni di scansione 20 Personalised Shortcuts, Auto Start Scan, Continuous Scan, Resume Scan, Document Separation, Long Paper Scan (5000mm), Kensington Lock
Risoluzione di scansione dall'ADF 600 x 600


Garanzia 1 anno on center
Mostra di più +
Mostra meno -


un uomo e una donna sedevano alla scrivania su un computer portatile


Scopri qui le risposte alle domande più frequenti e la risoluzione dei problemi

Vai alla sezione FAQ


Porte di connessione scanner ADS-4500W

Connettività avanzata

Con USB3.0, host USB, connettività di rete e wireless, è possibile acquisire documenti in modo sicuro e condividerli con i colleghi, senza bisogno di un PC.

Icone file grigie

Acquisizione ed elaborazione avanzata delle immagini

Acquisizione ed elaborazione delle immagini semplice grazie all'individuazione delle pagine acquisite con l'imprinter digitale, all'ottimizzazione della qualità dell'immagine mediante riduzione automatica di strisce verticali e del moiré.

Alimentatore automatico documenti scanner ADS-4500W

Veloce e affidabile

ADS4500W dispone di un ampio ADF da 60 fogli e può eseguire scansioni fino a 35 pagine al minuto.

 icona ScanEssentials

Brother ScanEssentials Lite

Il nostro software ScanEssentials Lite consente di acquisire facilmente documenti, creare semplici flussi di lavoro e salvarli in modo sicuro nelle cartelle della rete, con il minimo sforzo.

dettaglio display scanner ADS-4500W

Semplice e intuitivo

Semplice da configurare grazie al touchscreen di facile utilizzo.

Kofax logo, PaperPort logo, PowerPDF logo

Software riconosciuti dal settore

Aumenta la produttività post-scansione con i software riconosciuti dal settore, tra cui Kofax, disponibile di serie con questo dispositivo.


ADS-4500W valutazione 4.9 di 5 di 10.
Rated 5 di 5 di da All Good Things Come in Small Packages Wow, wow, wow! The old saying, 'all good things come in small packages' is perfect to describe the Brother ADS-4500w. After a little stumble at the beginning where the material to be scanned would not go into the feeder properly, I realised it was user error as I hadn't removed the piece of tape inside the scanner, oops! Connecting the scanner and downloading the software and drivers was a doddle. I am reasonably tech savvy but am convinced that even if I wasn't, it would have been a relatively simple process. I tried it with the USB cable and also in the Wi-Fi setting. The settings are simple and to the point. I only tried feeding in a sheet at a time and it fed through extremely quickly and with ease. I even tried a piece of printed embossed card and again, no problemo. The scan quality is highly impressive and as you can see from the photo picks up on the colours and textures beautifully. This is a serious piece of kit in a compact little package and is definitely going to be my favourite toy to play with. Gone are the days when you spend hours scanning a sheet in at a time and now I genuinely can't wait to scan in all the paperwork that is waiting for me. It is also going to be fantastic for me to scan in all the work projects not to mention the old photos which hold so much sentimental value. Thank you Brother and a very warm welcome to my family.
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-05-17
Rated 5 di 5 di da Amazing scanner This scanner is the best on the market. Compact, easy to use, set up simple & does everything you need a scanner to do! Buy it you won’t regret it I guarantee. 10/10 for me !!
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-05-02
Rated 4 di 5 di da Great Piece of Kit....For My Needs Let me start by saying this is a great bit of kit! For years I have been using my small all in one printer to do my scanning, taking forever to setup and scan a single sheet....but this is lightning fast! You feed your document in (like you would feed blank paper on a printer) and within a second I have a great quality copy straight on my phone! Now for me, this is all I need it for so its great, however I did have issues trying to scan to email. I work in IT so like to think I know what im doing but couldn’t find a way to get it to scan to email without it throwing a 'server timeout' error. I also don't think the instructions that came in the box offer any help with this type of scanning setup too. It hasnt really affected how I would use this though, but I will look into it further!
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-04-11
Rated 5 di 5 di da Incredibly fast and very compact scanner Woooow! I'm so satisfied with this scanner. It is very compact in size which is a great advantage in small offices. The whole setting process is easy, quick and hassle free. I didn't expect that a scanner is able to scan so fast in such a good quality. I don't have to take photo of each customer's bill separately. Now I just put a pile of receipts in the scanner and it scans it quickly and effortlessly. I was able to declutter the drawer with my daughters' school stuff and scan it all smoothly to my desktop. I definitely recommend Brother ADS-4500W to everyone.
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-04-11
Rated 5 di 5 di da I wish I had owned this scanner sooner! I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Brother ASD 4500W scanner was compact. This meant that I would have no problem finding a home for it in my office. The set up really could not have been any simpler. I downloaded the app to my mobile phone, scanned the barcode in the set-up guide and followed the instructions. Less than 10 minutes later I was scanning my first document. The only part of the set up that I found tricky was typing my Wi-Fi password on the small screen of the scanner. In future I will use a stylus instead of my chubby fingers! I scanned documents in different sizes and in paper thicknesses. All scanned super quickly, and the resultant scanner quality was excellent. It was super easy to scan multiple pages and the scanner will accept up to 60 pages at a time in the feeder, (in less than 2 minutes). It is possible to add more pages to the saved file for documents of over 60 pages. Unlike previous scanners I’ve used, all pages came out straight and there were no paper jams. There are options to save documents as jpeg images or as pdfs to a variety of different locations such as mobile phone, USB, ethernet or W-Fi. It can also scan directly onto a shared drive or even to e-mail. One of the reasons I wanted a scanner like this was to digitise photographs. I was sceptical about how well the scanner would perform in terms of image quality and efficiency, but I need not have worried as both surpassed my expectations. Although I did not time the speed of scanning photographs, it was even quicker than scanning A4 documents. On my next use decided to scan documents onto a USB and then also to my PC. After downloading the drivers, the process was incredibly simple. Super simple to set up, so far I’ve set up a shortcut for scanning photos onto USB , single sided in colour with a resolution of 600dpi and a shortcut for scanning documents in black and white with a resolution of 200dpi and omitting any blank pages. I discovered that if scanning photos directly onto a mobile phone it is only possible to select a maximum resolution of 300dpi. It is just so convenient to be able to scan without the need for a PC and the image quality at 300psi still looked great, so I’m likely to continue to scan from the app on my phone and reserve scanning to my PC for special photos where I want higher resolution. I would wholeheartedly recommend this scanner to anyone. It just makes life so much easier.
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-04-06
Rated 5 di 5 di da Excellent product. This product was excellent and I can not fault it in anyway. The scanner was a pleasure to use and it completed my scanning a lot quicker than another brand I have tried. I Recommend this product to anyone. Low price. Huge, 100-sheet ADF. Fast scanning and saving to image PDF. Feature-rich, simple-to-use scanning software. Easy to deploy without extensive training. Excellent support for large batch scanning. The Brother PDS-5000 offers fast, reasonably accurate document scanning at a very reasonable price, making it a good candidate for integrating into existing document management environments and for scanning in large batches. The design is compact and space saving , with simple instructions for installation.
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-04-06
Rated 5 di 5 di da Scan quality is super The Brother ADS-4500W A quick way to get started in the home or office. Thanks to the high scan speed of 35 pages per minute. The function that the scanner automatically correctly aligns all digital copies is particularly useful. Pages that have come a bit sideways are therefore no problem. The OCR ability is super brilliant. This makes all scans searchable. setting up the device was also easy. The scanner is pleasantly super fast. it is simple to set up, OCR function and automatic image correction..Highly recommend this scanner
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-04-03
Rated 5 di 5 di da Fantastic scanner for every office The Brother ADS-4500W is a powerhouse of a scanner, which will meet and exceed the needs of any small office or home office. You can scan to a USB disk, or to a computer or mobile device over USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The Brother Mobile Connect app is really easy to use, and the scan speed and quality are phenomenal. The scanner can scan directly to a shared drive on the network, over either SAMBA, FTP or SFTP, or scan to email. You can also integrate with LDAP directories and other services for more advanced/corporate settings. I've set up shortcuts on the home screen to give one-touch access to presets - "Photo" scans in colour at high quality to a photos folder on my computer, while "Document" scans in B&W to another folder, which directly uploads to a cloud service for archiving. I'm really happy with this scanner, it'd be an ideal device for any office or home environment with high-speed scanning requirements.
Data di pubblicazione: 2023-03-27
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